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How do we determine which type of septic system works? Site and soil evaluation is the first thing you need if you’re looking to build. If you’re looking for land to purchase, but you’re not sure if you can build on it yet, you MUST set a feasibility date and get a site and soil evaluation within the time frame.

If this is you, and you’ve put a contract in on a piece of land, call us as soon as possible! We will recommend a feasibility date for you. Many factors go into whether or not a property is able to build on, and the county is a stickler for rules!

Site evaluation begins by doing research on the property. Often, we’re able to get documents from the county’s recording office that can possibly tell us about the land. We can also search tax records and use other records to get a lay of the land. 

Finding out if it has wetlands is the primary issue. The reason being, you’re not able to build within a certain distance of wetlands, nor put any components of a septic system in a wetlands area. Often times, county records show where all existing wetlands are.

Also, site evaluation shows us if the site is sloped, has bumpy terrain, etc. Obviously, there are only certain types of topography we can handle when putting a septic tank and leach field in.

The second part is evaluating the soil. Here we dig holes that show us the types of soil and how high the water comes up. 

If the water is too high, this shows we may not be able to add any components of the septic system. Or maybe it’s just low enough, to where we can use a pressure distribution system but not quite low enough for a basic septic system.

side view of excavator on new construction site with trees and blue sky in background

Winter Water Table Review

In Pierce and King Counties, typically you’ll need a winter water table review. The county determines if this is necessary, based on the findings from the site evaluation. 

According to Pierce County policy, this can take up to a year to fully evaluate the WWT review.

We'll examine the holes we dug from the soil evaluation throughout the year. The county brings out evaluators several different times to examine the “water rings” in the holes.

If you suspect that a WWT review may be necessary, be sure to set a feasibility date for the piece of land at least a year out. If you’re not sure, give us a call, and we can help.

During this process, we help you navigate working with the county. We discuss everything with them, then continue to update you through the process.

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