Septic System Repair or Modification

If you have an older home and it still uses its old system, it may be no surprise that you’re having some issues. When these older systems were installed, technology wasn’t nearly as advanced for these systems, nor was laws as strict as they are now.

Also, sometimes new laws make a certain type of septic system obsolete, which makes a property difficult or even impossible to sell. In this case, you’ll likely need an entire replacement of your septic tank and even the leach field.

Another reason you may need modification is if you’re looking to expand your home by adding another room. Most tanks only have a capacity for the number of bedrooms that the original building of the house had. In this case, you may need a modification or a replacement.


Leach Field Modification

The drain field is often the biggest issue when needing a system modification. You may see issues in the soil where the drainage exists, such as very soft and wet ground. This is likely due to incorrect soil evaluation, or type of drain field, or placement of drain field.

Often perforated pipe is used with gravel and sand (which still works great in most situations!), but the new and improved drain field pipes work best in almost ALL situations. They are large thick plastic pipes that are completely open on the bottom with small openings on the sides, then are set on top of a bed of gravel. This allows for absolute maximal dispersion of all waste.

Typically, you or the County should have info on what type of system and leach field you have, and we can help you figure out if you need this replacement.


Septic Pump Replacement

Old pumps can cause a big problem for your home these days! If your system has a pump, it’s necessary to push the wastewater out to the drain field. Often, you’ll see these pumps get old and slow and cause a backup into your tank. Or sometimes they’ll get faulty electrical and burnout.

With today’s technology, some pumps will last in your home 100+ years. Let us come take a look today and see if we can replace your old broken one!

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