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As engineers, basic septic design for empty parcels is our main service. As you can tell, cities in Pierce and King County are rapidly growing, as well as the outskirts of these towns, where septic systems are primarily needed.

If you have a piece of land you’re dividing to multiple parcels, and wanting to allow for houses to be built on each, you’ll need to get a design engineer working on it right away. Though this isn’t necessary for dividing the land, getting these parcels approved for a septic system makes them worth a heck of a lot more!

If you’ve found a piece of land and are wanting to build on it, it’s also necessary to call us! If there’s no information on this piece of land already, we can take all the proper steps to evaluate the land and soil, create the designs, and discuss findings with the city to get approval.

Specifications for Septic Systems

Most counties are looking for a conventional system with AT LEAST a 1000 gallon tank. Typically, they’re made with concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Any of these materials work just fine, given they’re installed properly.

To figure out the exact size of these tanks, we’ll determine the estimated water usage for a home. We base this off of the desired number of rooms for a home to be built (2 bedrooms, 3, 4, etc.). Knowing the size information we can then evaluate the property site and determine where the system will be placed. 

Typically, the tank is close to the house. Because, the mainline coming from your home to the tank, you want to be as short as possible. If the pipe were longer, the immediate waste from your home would have a greater chance of getting stuck in the pipe.


Leach Field Specifications

For the conventional septic system, the leach field uses a 4-inch perforated pipe where the final waste ends up in. These pipes are placed in a 2-foot wide trench with a foot of gravel at the bottom. The holes in the pipe are pointed down for the waste to exit to the gravel. These pipes are also slightly angled down to ensure full emptying of the waste.

Septic System Design Services

Septic design is just a small piece of the entire process of getting your septic system installed. The biggest issue you’ll face is waiting on the county to approve the site and the soil, approve the designs, approve the installation, among other things. You can rest assured that we’ll handle all of that from day 1.

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