Septic Design Services

We are your premier septic engineers based out of Tacoma. Serving all of Pierce County and parts of King County.

We offer 3 main services: basic septic design, design for repair or modification for a septic system, and site/soil evaluations. But within each of these services is a slew of other jobs, and meeting with the County several times on your behalf is a majority of our work!

  • Basic Septic Design

    This service is exactly as it sounds and is a large majority of our work. If you’re looking to build on a new piece of land, this is the service you need. This encompasses evaluating the site and soil, creating the design, and approving it with the city.

  • Septic Design for Repair or Modification of an Existing System

    This service is ideal for remodels of older homes. A lot of the time, the current septic systems on these older homes are completely outdated. Sometimes they’re required to be completely removed and replaced with a new system, or sometimes it only needs to be modified to expand for your home. Either way, we can handle it for you!

  • Site and Soil Evaluation

    If you’re looking to sell a piece of land, site and soil evaluation is a great investment! When putting your land for sale and already having the documents to show it is approved by the County, increases its value substantially. This service is exactly that. We come out, do some testing (can take several months), make sure the land can be built on, and then get it approved with the County.

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